Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zumba pumps up the fun in fitness

Natalie Johnson
 Party into shape. Join the party, feel the music, and let loose. The Latin-inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning, dance fitness-party with family, friends or co-workers. Zumba Fitness is a great way to have fun and become healthy and fit at the same time.
             “Zumba Fitness has helped the local women of all ages come together and have a fun workout in my home town and we have such a good time with each other,”  said Kylie Garner, Drumright resident.
             Zumba Fitness classes are at Markoma Fitness Gym in Tahlequah. The classes will be one hour long for each class. They will be every Monday and Wednesday at 11 a.m. and Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Classes start March 2, 2011 and the night classes will begin March 3, 2011. 
             For class details contact licensed zumba instructors, Tonya Giger at 822-2569, or Shirley Goodlin at 207-3995, shirley-goodlin@cherokee.org.

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