Friday, March 18, 2011

Students consider several Spring Break destinations

Jordyn Jorgenson

     White sandy beaches, clear blue waves crashing along the shoreline, and an entire week without classes; Spring Break is right around the corner and many students are flocking to warm destinations across the U.S. to spend the week. has predicted the top Spring Break destinations for 2011 to be Cancun, Panama City Beach, Fla., and the Bahamas.
     “I am so excited for Spring Break this year not only because of the break I am getting from all of my classes, but from this Oklahoma weather as well,” said Katy Evans, Muskogee sophomore. “The only thing between that beach and I now is the 16-hour drive.”
     While some students are going to new and exciting destinations for the break, others are taking the opportunity to visit some family. Madison Hayes, Muskogee junior, is headed to Panama City for just that.
     “The spring and summer breaks are the only times I get to visit my dad’s family in Florida,” said Madison. “I can’t wait to see my new baby niece that I have only met in photographs, and the beach will be a great change of scenery too.”
     Although Spring Break is a time for many to get far away from home and school, others are just looking for relaxation a little closer to the comfort of their own home.
     “My friends and I are staying in town this year,” said Kelsey Becker, Hilldale senior. “I don’t need to go far away and spend a lot of money to have a good time on Spring Break, I am going to relax and maybe go to Tulsa for a day and catch dinner and a movie with my boyfriend.”
     Whether students are taking a road trip, a flight, or a walk Spring Break is a time everyone can enjoy.

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