Friday, March 18, 2011

Bicycles provide alternative means of transportation

Kris Elliott

     With summer sneaking up fast, many NSU students are looking for a quick and easy way to get in shape. Rather than running yourself ragged this year, try out an old-school classic - go ride a bike.
     David Poindexter, NSU senior, thinks that all students could use a bicycle.
     “Riding bikes is a great way to get outside,” said Poindexter. “It’s a fun and effective workout, plus Tahlequah is a great town to ride in.”
     Not only is riding a bike good for you, it is also a cheap means of transportation. Local gas station clerk, Kristina Marshall, age 20, thinks that riding a bicycle could save gas money.
     “From where I live, I bike could get me to campus and work,” said Marshall. “That alone would definitely save money, especially with gas prices getting so high.”
     If you cannot afford to buy a bicycle, you can rent one on campus for free through The Northeastern Student Government Association. Bring your NSU ID to the NSGA office, located downstairs in the University Center, Room 100. Just give them your ID, fill out some paperwork, and go ride.
     For more information call (918) 456-5511 ext. 2640.

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