Monday, March 7, 2011

Boren, Keller, Sanford discuss women in leadership

Caleb Dobbs
Transgender, vagina, feminist and sex are words that may not come up in public conversation. They did when Dr. Cari Keller, Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford and Dean of Student Affairs Laura Boren presented Leadership and Change class focusing on women in leadership positions Feb. 24.
“It was extremely empowering, an inspiration to anyone who wished to learn the true meaning of feminine and masculine leadership styles,” said Nicole Caden, Owasso freshman.
Besides taking the BEM Sex Role Inventory to identify their own style of leadership, students were given glimpses into the lives of the three speakers who had to overcome challenges pertaining to their sex. Interestingly enough, all three confessed to leading with a predominantly masculine-style of leadership attributed to various phenomena in earlier stages of their leadership development.
“Sadly women tend to become men or shut-up upon achieving a high position,” said Sanford, assistant professor of communication studies.
This was attributed to the ill-treatment women are still shown today. Prior to class Boren and Sanford received an offensive e-mail from an undisclosed NSU faculty member who compared the three women leading the class to a picture of three witches and a brewing cauldron.
“It is a good thing I did not get the e-mail,” said Keller, professor of criminal justice. “Because I can't step down from a challenge.”
Sanford did respond to the man’s e-mail, but wasted no time on her reply.
 “You’re in the pot,” said Sanford.
Trends can be identified while one’s skills in leadership enhanced in Leadership and Change, whether it be concerning women in leadership or global issues of change in society.
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