Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Midterms add to already stressful time for students

Atira Harrison
            Midterms. . . That is right. The tests that tell students how well they are doing so far in their classes. Though not as dreaded or as stressful as finals, they are still high up in the stress levels.
            Some students have family problems, some students have roommate problems, and some students have medical problems to deal with during these times in their college careers. Students who have roommate problems deal with stress in their own dorms where they feel safe and come in from the days studies. Students with family problems deal with stress and worrying about family members. Students with medical problems deal with stress put more on their already stressed bodies. There are many things that go into the stress of midterms.
            “My stress levels are pretty normal. Most of my classes don’t have a midterm, but in one of my classes I have to memorize four chapters and verbally restate it. On a 1-10 stress level for midterms I’m about a four but then on everything with work call for theatre and shows I’m about a nine. I study the assignments over and over and I go off campus and get something to eat then I come back and study some more,” said Mariah Towell, Checotah freshman.
            After a long day of studying, students are stressed and can lose sleep and energy. Suggestions for many students are to go out and do something completely unrelated to studies, but be safe in their activities. Going out to eat with some friends, or going on a trip to see family, or staying in and watching a movie are many ways a student can wind down after a hard day’s work. 

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