Friday, March 18, 2011

Program sends students to NYC for Spring Break

Misty Grady

     For some NSU students, Spring Break is no reason not to give of themselves to others. Five students from NSU are traveling to New York City Friday. Instead of partying, the group plans to work in a soup kitchen and feed the homeless.
     This trip is orchestrated by a volunteer organization called the Youth Specialty Outreach Program and the group is being sponsored by the NSU Wesley Foundation. The trip will be 10 days in total, counting the days spent on the road. The students leave this Friday and will make it to NYC by Monday. 
     Kaycee Young, interim director of the Wesley Foundation, will accompany the students.
     “This will be my fourth visit to New York and it never ceases to amaze me how much it changes, and I’m sure it will be different this time,” Young said. “We won’t know until Monday, when we arrive in New York City, which kitchen or even what area we will be assigned to.”
     Volunteering halfway across the country while on Spring Break shows the spirit of NSU toward charity and people in need. The group hopes to inspire more students to participate in such programs and events.
     For more information on upcoming or ongoing events sponsored by the Wesley Foundation, call Young at 1-918-456-5395 or e-mail her at
     For more information about YSOP, visit their website

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