Monday, January 31, 2011

Jazz Lab features Tito Carillo

     Autumn Barnett
     The NSU Jazz Lab will give everyone an opportunity to dine and enjoy the sounds of the NSU Jazz Ensemble with guest artist trumpeter Tito Carillo.
     This event is at the NSU Jazz Lab downtown Feb. 4 with dinner beginning at 6:30 p.m. and show starting at 8 p.m. Dinner for one is $25 and dinner for two will be $35, free admission to the concert will be given to those who attend the dinner. General admission is $12 per person.
     “In addition to the concert, there’s going to be some great jambalaya food and a silent auction,” said Thomas Poole, director of Jazz Studies. “Proceeds from this event will go to help the NSU Jazz Studies Program. This event will fill up. I highly recommend reserving tickets/tables in advance."
     Reservations can be made at (918) 458-2075 or by e-mailing For more information about this event contact Thomas Poole at (918) 444-4602.

Markoma offers diverse fitness program

Natalie Johnson

The students and community of Tahlequah have an advantage of participating in classes, playing sports or simply watching their favorite shows while breaking a sweat at Markoma Health & Fitness. 
People who sign up have to be Cherokee, when married one could be Cherokee and the other not and still be admitted in for lifetime membership for free. The gym has full facilities, men and women locker rooms, two weight rooms, a basketball gym and members have the luxury of watching television while using the running machines or elliptical machines.
There are many group fitness classes for the one on one help people may want and they are the following: advanced boot camp, step aerobics, body blast intervals, cardio strength circuit, body sculpt, pilates, yoga sculpt, balls and bands, cardio dance yoga flow, ab sculpt, 10 x 10 boot camp, and cardio kickboxing.  These are all taught by four different instructors. 
Every year, Terry Hooper puts together volleyball and basketball teams for members to participate in if they wish so. The player must be 16 years of age, the team register fee is $40 and the deadline for registration is Thursday Feb. 3 and starts Feb. 7. The basketball maximum number on a team is 5, and all players must be 15 years of age. The team registry fee is $25.
“Please bring your sign up sheet and money to me if anyone is interested to play,” said Terry Hooper.  
Contact Hooper at 453-5496 or 316-0744, or e-mail

NSU campus no longer blowing smoke

Kristopher Elliot
     Students are noticing a lack of ashtrays, cigarette butts and congregated smokers outside buildings on campus this semester. This drastic change is due to the recent ban of tobacco products on NSU’s campus, which was put into place Jan. 1, 2011. The ban has given the campus a facelift, but it is up to campus
authorities to enforce the new rule.
     “For now, students caught smoking on campus will be referred to the Student Affairs office,” said Captain James Bell, Campus Police. “If students continue to smoke we will start writing citations, but so far everyone seems to be obeying the rules.” 
      Citations will include a $10 fine along with an evaluation through Student Affairs, said Bell. Also, any faculty members caught smoking will be referred to their supervisor.
      It seems the new non-smoking statute has been a success due mainly to student and faculty cooperation. So let the non-smokers breathe easy, while the resolute smokers continue retreating to their cars, homes or nearby off-campus refuge.
      For more information on the non-smoking statute or other Oklahoma laws, visit the Oklahoma State Courts website at

NSU Theatre Company performs Shakespeare

Caleb Dobbs
     Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and the NSU Theatre Company is preparing to perform them all.
     The production of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” is daunting, but cast member Randall Pike, Skiatook junior, is embracing the challenge.
      “This show is unique because we cover all Shakespeare’s plays as well as 54 of his sonnets in less than two hours,” said Pike.
      The three-person, all-male cast will assume multiple roles of varying genders, statuses and motivations throughout the production to entertain an actively involved audience. The fourth wall, or imaginary division between the audience and the actors, is almost nonexistent.
      “I run up and down the stairs into the crowd so many times per show,” said Pike. “Everyone loves the fight scenes.”
     Watch the “Complete Works” at the Shawnee Street Theater, playing Feb. 9-12.  The doors open at 7 p.m.  Purchase tickets at the door or reserve online at today.