Monday, March 7, 2011

Carney dies at 26

Jonathan McCall

     Many people go through life playing by the rules and being cautious. Phi Lambda Chi alumni and former NSU student Steven Curtis Carney, 26, was the exception.
     Recently, he was killed in a four-wheeler accident when his four-wheeler flipped onto him, crushing his lungs in the process. He was able to make it to the hospital but unfortunately he did not survive.
     So many people were affected by Carney’s death.
     “He was a great guy. Always fun to be around and you always knew if you needed something he would do what he could to help,” said Jeff Kitchens, Phi Lambda Chi Alumni and NSU employee.
     His funeral service was Thursday, Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. at the Reed-Culver Funeral Chapel in Tahlequah. Interment was followed at Mt. Zion Cemetery Services and was entrusted to Reed-Culver Funeral Home of Tahlequah.
     Although he has been out of school for a while, his effect on the community around Tahlequah and the NSU campus has lasted for all these years. Even after his death, the memory of Steven Carney will live on in the hearts of his family, friends and fraternity brothers of Phi Lambda Chi.

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