Friday, March 18, 2011

Austin MacDonald

     Grab a rake, paint brush? Or trash bag and give a hand at The Big Event. The Big Event is a community service project that just started for the first time last year at NSU. This event was started 28 years ago at Texas A&M University and it is the biggest student service event at NSU. There were 800 people last year who were involved in this event; this year there is going to be around 900 people involved. Big Event is on March 26 on a Saturday morning.
     “I think NSU The Big Event is a good way for our school so students can have the chance to help others and really make a change in someone else’s life who really needs it; whether its raking one spot of a yard or painting a whole house. I think whoever is going to be helped at The Big Event will be greatly appreciative of what everyone at NSU is doing at their place and how they are helping others,” said Tierney Edwards.
      Come everyone and experience a change in someone’s life. It is time to help others and put a smile on someone else’s face for change. Join The Big Event!

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