Monday, March 7, 2011

Students should take responsibility during break

Kimberly Doyle

     In the middle of March, students make plans of traveling and joining the craziness of the beaches and night life, but what some do not worry about are the precautions. Every college student plans on going wild during Spring Break. It is part of the college life.
     For those that choose to stay around in the Tahlequah area, here is a little advice and even a reminder for those who already know better, do not drink and drive. Be very careful on the roads and keep an eye out so there will not be any trouble. Police forces will certainly step up their game during Spring Break.
     “There are a few things we do differently, such as add more officers to the streets and busy areas. We also have a program called STEP. It’s a program for officers to work traffic violations such as DUIs,” said Cherokee County Sheriff Deputy, Dexter Scott.
     So, all in all, definitely be smart when it comes to traveling during the break. The most important part of Spring Break is enjoying every minute. So have fun and go crazy, but try to avoid the mug shots this year. Parents would definitely love to bypass the phone calls from the police stations.

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