Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Midterms add midsemester stress to students' days

Braxton Denton

     Midterms have students all over campus stressing out about the tests they have before they are free to go on Spring Break. These tests are ranging anywhere from 10 to 60 questions. Students are studying material for hours at a time trying to prepare for these midterm tests. Midterms are the progress reports for undergraduate students and students who are on academic probation. Professors give these tests to help students get a significant grade before the grade reports are sent out.
     “Midterms are really hard this semester, I hate that I have to study so much for a big test in the middle of the year,” said Logan Lamb Tulsa freshman.
     Midterms are not quite as stressful as finals week but it is taking a toll on many students and their grades. Not all students study as hard as other students. Some just do not care what happens with midterm grades because they are not official. Some students just believe the final grade is the important one and they will worry about it when finals week gets here.

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