Monday, March 7, 2011

NAB presents In-Q slam poet at NSU

Kendra Sweet

     Slam poetry may not be an event that NSU students are familiar with, but Northeastern Activities Board wants to introduce everyone to slam poetry. On Tuesday, March 1 In-Q will grace the stage with slam poetry in the University Center’s Red Bud room. 
     This year the NAB board was taken to a confrence called National Association of Campus Activities in Arlington Texas, where they were given the chance to view talent from arcross the nation in hopes of finding event material. NACA is the place that In-Q caught their eye and he is on his way here.
     “In-Q is an amazing story teller and poet. His words are so heart felt they make you want to cry. He talks about everything from love to social issues. I am so excited to introduce NSU to such an amazing speaker. I hope everyone comes out and becomes a fan,” said Jasmime Miller, Tahlequah junior.
     This event should be eye opening and inspiring. NAB participation has been at a low lately and NAB chairmembers are hoping for a large turn out.
     “In-Q is amazing. I had never watched slam poetry until the NACA conference and I'm glad I was given that oppurtunity. It's more than just poetry its acting, rapping, singing, and song writing all put together to form something extraordinary and thoughtful,” said Daniel Adney.

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