Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Swimming to class might be an option for many

Braxton Denton
     Students running around campus getting soaking wet. This was the consistent image on the NSU campus on Feb. 24 for students who had class. The rain started pouring down early in the morning and left many students not looking forward to walking across campus to their classes. A lot of students were prepared for the rain wearing their rain boots and breaking out their umbrellas, but not all students decided to equip themselves with either one of these items. Many students were running around with no umbrella, and wearing flip flops and shorts.
     “I am not looking forward to walking to class at all in this rain,” said Jermaine Sherman, Wagoner junior. “I’m seriously thinking about driving and parking as close to my class building as possible.”
     Driving to class was definitely an option students could use, but getting a close parking spot was definitely not a guarantee. On many occasions students considered driving to class in the end it seemed easier to just deal with the rain.
     “Parking on campus is terrible so I think I will just take my chances walking in the rain,” said Chris Tomlinson, Wagoner junior. “I do not want to risk losing my parking spot over here at the dorms.”
     The smartest thing to do on rainy days would be to get boots and umbrellas ready. They make it much more pleasant walking to class in the rain. for those who do not own either one of these items go down to the local Wal-Mart and buy them. That way on future rainy days everyone will not be running around campus cold and wet.

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