Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TOMS shoes raises awareness without shoes

Kim Doyle

     It is a day to know and a day to rub your feet in the dirt to help with a cause. It is the TOMS One Day Without Shoes event. Coming up April 5, TOMS shoes will raise awareness of the impact one pair of shoes can make on a child’s life. This is an annual event where students, faculty, friends, family and even strangers take one day to join in or participate in events without shoes.
     “I like walking around bare footed. Only thing is if it’s cold or wet, that might be a problem,” said Kassandra Peck, Stilwell sophomore.
     Of course many are not used to walking around bare footed to class, work, or even outside to their cars but going one day without shoes will show just how important it is to have just one pair. There are so many children in the world that are not as privileged to wear shoes and protect their feet. Being aware just might make a difference.
     “It’s for a good cause. I know I’m just a simple person making a small change but it’s going to make a big difference,” said Kassandra Peck, Stilwell sophomore.
      For every pair of shoes that the TOMS company sales, they donate one pair to a child in need. So join in on the cause and sacrifice a day without shoes, or purchase a pair of TOMS to help a child. They are available at most shoe stores in the area and online at It only takes one person to make a big difference, imagine what more can do.

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