Saturday, April 23, 2011

Contestants prepare for April pageants

Jordan Jorgenson

     Pageant season is in the air, and this spring there are two upcoming on-campus pageants for students to attend; the Greek God/Goddess and Mr. NSU. Although both of these pageants will take place within a week of each other, they are different in material. Lauren Salts, Skiatook freshman, is excited about competing.
     “I am participating in the Greek God/Goddess pageant,” said Saltz. “It is the first time that there has been an all Greek pageant during Greek Week. I am a little nervous, but really excited to showcase my talent. The pageant will consist of an interview, toga, talent, and a final question portion.”
     Mr. NSU, sponsored by the NSU Northeastern Student Government Association, is a little more traditional. 
     “The annual Mr. NSU pageant has a traditional pageant set up,” said Matthew Reece, NSU student body president. “There will be an interview process which counts as part of their, and the contestants selected will compete in an opening number, a talent, formal wear and swimsuit competition. We are going for a jungle theme this year so it should be a lot of fun and very interesting.”
     The Mr. NSU pageant is April 19, with five contestants and the Greek God/Goddess is April 7 with four girls, and four guys as contestants. 
     For more information contact the Student Activities office at 918-444-2526.

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