Saturday, April 23, 2011

Phi Lambda Chi looks to build membership, leave legacy

Jonathan McCall
    On March 31, 2011 the members of Phi Lambda Chi social fraternity celebrated their 72nd year on campus at NSU. Phi Lambda Chi’s first chapter was established March 15, 1925 at the University of Central Arkansas under the name “Aztecs” and later changed their name in 1927 to Phi Lambda Chi. In 1939 Phi Lambda Chi nationalized and created their second chapter (Beta chapter) located at NSU.
     “The best part of Phi Lambda Chi is the friends and connections you make for a lifetime,” said Jeff Kitchens, Phi Lambda Chi alumnus.
     The Phi Lambs, as they are commonly referred to, are involved on and off campus. They do volunteer services around the community including highway cleanups and the Big Event sponsored by NAB as well as on-campus events such as Greek Sing and Homecoming.
     “Phi Lambda Chi is just a bunch of guys hanging out. Best friends, being brothers, and everything in between,” said Jonathan Qualls, treasurer of Phi Lambda Chi and Sallisaw freshman. “Our motto here is: we don’t think; we believe.”
     Although the chapter may only have 10 members, they are constantly looking for men to recruit to join their brotherhood, said Qualls.
     “Phi Lambda Chi is a fraternity that is steadily growing,” said Qualls. “One of the main reasons I chose Phi Lambda Chi was because they were so outgoing to get me to join.”
     The Phi Lambs hold Rush during the spring, summer and fall semesters. During this time, the Phi Lambs meet with many potential new members and learn about them.
     “When we look for people to rush our fraternity, we look for people who are intelligent, funny, fun to be around, respectable, sociable and trustworthy,” said Qualls.
     Although Phi Lambda Chi has been on the NSU campus for 72 years, the members of Phi Lambda Chi do not intend on leaving this campus without making sure that their fraternity and the values it represents continues to be exemplified through the campus and the community.
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