Friday, April 29, 2011

MUN dinner honors outstanding students

Misty Grady

     With the end of school closing in quickly there are many ceremonies, meetings and events on campus. While all majors have been active this semester, the political science department has been on working overtime since last semester.
     Because of the striking headway the students have made the department is holding a dinner and celebration for the students dedicated to political research projects, organizations such as OIL and MUN, and classes within the department. Non-political science majors who are involved in the activities of the department are also invited.
     “Every year MUN has a dinner to commend students, but this year it has been expanded
to the entire department as a part of the student centered active learning style being advocated by NSU,” Dr. Ron Becker, assistant professor of political science said. “I think it is important that students are recognized for their individual achievements.”
     Dr. Don Betz, 17th president of Northeastern State University, was invited and is anticipated to be at the dinner on April 25 to congratulate the students involved in the department.
     For more information, contact Becker at

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