Friday, April 29, 2011

Markoma offer workout variety for all fitness members

Natalie Johnson
     Ready to lose inches before summer comes? Drop your winter weight at the great workout classes in Markoma fitness gym in Tahlequah.
     “Markoma offers fitness classes for young teens and adults to participate in if they desire. The yoga and pilates is a great way to relieve stress and get a great workout,” said NSU alumni, David Qualls.
     “I am one of many fitness instructors at Markoma and I teach the Kettle Bell class.  I instruct the members in a 30-minute cardio kettle bell exercises three times a week and 20-minute abdominal class with the kettle bell as well,” said NSU senior, Brandon Goad.
     “Everyone I have come across has enjoyed the fitness classes that are available here at Markoma.  I hear a lot about zumba, kick-boxing, and abdominal class from the members here,” said NSU senior, Keanna Dry.
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