Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Campus gears for Greek Week competitions

Ally Burt

     A week in the spring semester that a group of people look forward to every year is almost upon NSU. It’s not Spring Break, but Greek Week so let the games begin.
     NSU used to have the week’s activities revolving around each chapter battling each other on the court or the field, but do to the arousal of violent behavior in the past, Greek Affairs changed the format of Greek Week. Now it entails fun, mildly competitive games urging unity rather than confrontation.
     “We have a lot of fun activities planned for everyone and it should be a great week,” said Heather Harris, Panhellenic Greek Week Committee member.
     Harris went on the say that Sunday will be a tailgate to better explain what the week will consist of. Monday is Olympic day where fun games such as egg toss, sack race and eating contests will take place. Tuesday will be a philanthropy day, and Wednesday is a Greek God and Goddess pageant. The pageant will include a talent portion, interview and toga wear. Awards will be given out Thursday.

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