Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weather takes toll on local businesses, customers

Rachel Dobbs

     The past two weeks, Tahlequah and its surrounding counties have gotten more than 12 inches of snow in most areas. It has caused a lot of schools, churches and small businesses to close.
Bigger businesses like Reasor’s are doing their best to keep the doors open for their customers during these winter storms of 2011.
     A lot of people tried to prepare themselves for the storms by getting their groceries and other necessities in advance, while others had to venture out in the blizzard like conditions. The stores were a mad house to say the least.
     "It was really busy. There was a lot more customers than we normally get," said Buddy Foster, first assistant manager at Reasor’s Tahlequah.
     As if it was not bad enough to have to fight for the last gallon of milk or guard loaves of bread with ones life, the stores were having some trouble getting their shelves restocked due to the icy road conditions.
     "The truck schedule was off a couple of days," said Foster.
     This winter weather has affected everyone and nearly every business. Hopefully next week's warmer weather will get everything back on track and daily routines will be restored.

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