Saturday, February 5, 2011

NSU begins tobacco free campaign

Braxton Denton
     To start this new spring semester NSU students have to get used to a tobacco free campus. The tobacco free campus guidelines took effect Jan. 1 and has students from Tahlequah talking about it non-stop. Most students express strong disagreement with the new rules on campus.
     “I think as legal adults we have the right to buy tobacco products and NSU should not be able to tell us we can’t smoke or chew tobacco at all,” said Caleb Andrews, Tulsa freshman. “I understand having to be so far away from places like the cafeteria and classroom buildings, but we should at least have designated areas close to dorm buildings where it is permitted.”
     Students can see smoke and tobacco free posters all across campus. The posters claim that with a smoke and tobacco free campus, students will live in a healthier environment and NSU will be an overall healthier campus.

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