Saturday, February 19, 2011

Class cancellations frustrate NSU students, faculty

Braxton Denton

     The recent weather has taken a toll on everyone throughout the state the last couple of weeks. Students commuting to school have had a hard time getting to school. The roads are still pretty bad in a lot of towns surrounding Tahlequah. Commuting students and students who went home for the storm were frustrated with having class and not being able to make it due to the roads close to home.
     “As a commuter to NSU it has been near impossible to get to class on days we actually have class,” said Dalton Grooms, Wagoner sophomore. “The roads in Wagoner are terrible and do not provide a safe transportation to Tahlequah. It is very frustrating and I just hope that it will not cost me with my grades down the road.”
     The opinions are pretty well divided on blaming the school for having class or blaming the towns who are in control of making the roads safe to travel. Either way students are missing class and are concerned as well as frustrated about missing class. The only consistent positive is professors seem to be doing a good job at being understanding and getting the students their assignments they have to do online.
     All students can really do is let their professors know when they cannot make to class, try to keep their professors updated on when they are going to miss class and do the assignments they can online to show they are trying to be good students.

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