Saturday, February 19, 2011

Students deal with record winter weather

Morgan Sanders

     Some are calling the latest whiteout “Snowmeggedon.” This blizzard has caused numerous class cancellations and delays. Northeastern State University has never had weather of this nature on record.
     “I’ve lived in Tahlequah my whole life and our winters have never been this harsh,” said Rhea Hathcoat, Tahlequah freshman.
     There has been seven snow days thus far, therefore students are bound to get creative with handling their boredom. So how has everyone kept away from the wrath of cabin fever?
     “I’ve been playing board games and watching movies with my roommates to keep myself occupied,” said Hathcoat.
     As the snow and ice are coming to an end, it is time to go back to class. But some doubt if it is the last of this frosty weather.

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