Saturday, February 5, 2011

RAs help with NSU student life

Atira Harrison
     They live on campus in the dorm halls, they help when students are locked out of their room, and they help fix the maintenance problems in students' rooms. They are the Resident Assistants. Many of the RAs go over looked and underappreciated for all of the hard work most of them go through to make the dorms and halls a safer place.
      From the nightly rounds of walking the halls, to the RA sitting behind the desk until 2 a.m., to the RAs guarding their own floors. These leaders are the small guides of students' daily dorm life.
     “All the RAs that I have met seem to really care about the safety and security of the dorms and their residents,” said Willy Everman, Chandler junior and first semester Resident Assistant for South Leoser.
     The RAs are just like any other student on campus. They go to class, they eat in the cafeteria, and they have all sorts of friends while keeping an RA job. Their daily lives are as normal as everyone else. So next time, remember what a RA does to help keep students safe and happy.

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