Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow changes schedules, causes needed adjustments

Atira Harrison

            The snow days that hit the NSU Tahlequah campus were devastating in many ways. Classes were rescheduled and students were so piled with extra homework that, even with the melting snow, things are still looking bleak and mushy.
            The students returning to classes are feeling overwhelmed by the rush of homework they are receiving to catch up on the shortened schedule. Professors are rushing to maintain a decent schedule so the students can end the semester on time. Blackboard assignments were given out by some professors to keep up with the pace of their schedule.
            “As a student living on campus, the snow days effected me in many ways,” says Crystal Shanks, Leonard junior. “Such as bringing me extra time to fulfill whatever I needed to finish before the regular schedule began again. But also more stress knowing as soon as classes stared back that there would be double the load of homework was going to be piled upon me. I did love having a few snow days with friends on campus, but I would care to have a full week of class without a snow day if at all possible.”
            Many students who had the chance went home for the snow days, but many students stayed behind and roughed it as the snow kept rolling in. Most of the students had loss of Internet access so they were not able to receive the assignments posted on Blackboard. But the students handled the weather to the best of their abilities. Some went sledding and some stayed in their rooms where it was nice and warm providing their own entertainment.
            After all of the snow melted away enough for classes to resume, the students were happy to go back to their class schedules.

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