Monday, January 31, 2011

NSU campus no longer blowing smoke

Kristopher Elliot
     Students are noticing a lack of ashtrays, cigarette butts and congregated smokers outside buildings on campus this semester. This drastic change is due to the recent ban of tobacco products on NSU’s campus, which was put into place Jan. 1, 2011. The ban has given the campus a facelift, but it is up to campus
authorities to enforce the new rule.
     “For now, students caught smoking on campus will be referred to the Student Affairs office,” said Captain James Bell, Campus Police. “If students continue to smoke we will start writing citations, but so far everyone seems to be obeying the rules.” 
      Citations will include a $10 fine along with an evaluation through Student Affairs, said Bell. Also, any faculty members caught smoking will be referred to their supervisor.
      It seems the new non-smoking statute has been a success due mainly to student and faculty cooperation. So let the non-smokers breathe easy, while the resolute smokers continue retreating to their cars, homes or nearby off-campus refuge.
      For more information on the non-smoking statute or other Oklahoma laws, visit the Oklahoma State Courts website at

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